Financial Services That Promote
Financial Well-being for All

Empowering you to regain your financial foothold

Lighthouse Financial Foundation was created to help individuals, and families take control of their financial well-being through affordable products, personalized counseling, and services. With help from our supporters and our network of partners, we provide access to resources to help people in the Southwest Washington community and Portland Metro Area.

Many of our neighbors are financially insecure–one hospital stay, auto repair bill, or temporary job loss away from economic hardship. This instability leads some to pursue high-interest loans that only compound the problem. Lighthouse Financial Foundation offers a better way to start planning for tomorrow.

Affordable Financial Help

Access to low-cost financial resources

We work with banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to give individuals and families the resources they need for immediate help as well as future needs. This could be learning how to budget, preparing to buy a home, or simply opening a checking or savings account, getting a loan or improving your credit status.

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While Lighthouse Financial Foundation does not provide these services directly, we are in a position to connect those with a need for educational resources or financial counseling with institutions that can provide that help. In some cases, we make funds available to our partners and others in our network through donations, grants, and other charitable contributions.


There are a variety of ways to assess financial health and then create a plan going forward to reach goals of “asset-building” and breaking the cycle of financial instability. We understand how important it is to look at the common obstacles that often hinder the development and implementation of a successful financial plan.

Evaluate Each Client’s Unique Needs

By evaluating specific areas of our clients’ lives, we can better assist in finding appropriate partners for those needs. We identify where our clients need the most help and use that information to work with our clients and our partners to find meaningful pathways to success. These assessment areas include:


  • Housing Stability
  • Banking Access & Credit Score
  • Cash Flow & Cash Reserve Status
  • Employment Stability
  • Transportation Reliability
  • Consumer Debt Levels
  • Health Status and Care Access
  • Investment Balances
  • Internet/Email Access
  • Family/Friend/Community Strength

Services We Provide

We understand there are certain significant barriers that may be keeping our potential clients from accessing these resources or building generational wealth on their own. What we provide is a welcoming, non-judgmental, and comfortable way to access these resources.

  • Convening

    We will intentionally gather individuals and organizations that share our mission, to communicate the need and elevate community resources and expertise in providing financial services and education. As we convene, we will intentionally seek to unify; and attempt to avoid language and behaviors that polarize.

  • Client Navigation

    We recognize the significant challenges of our clients in finding and accessing financial services and education. We will make navigating the various resources available in the Network comfortable for those who seek them.

  • Direct Lending

    We will seek and potentially fund viable projects that provide structural financial assistance to our target populations, using a CDFI (CDLF) structure which is currently in development.

  • Resource Providing

    We will make capital available to organizations that serve our targeted populations with financial services and education.

  • Hope

    We are purveyors of hope with our partners and those they serve. We will communicate actual stories of transformed lives to a community in need of good news.

  • Resource Seeking

    On behalf of our service partners in the Network, we will seek volunteer, monetary and advisory resources both locally and nationally.

Some of our neighbors have very limited and often expensive access to credit, deposit accounts, payment systems, investment accounts, and financial education (“Financial Services”). The situation is compounded by the rapidly rising cost of housing. Lighthouse Financial Foundation hopes to play a part in alleviating these challenges.

A Single Act of Kindness Can Change Everything

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