About Lighthouse Financial Foundation

Providing Financial Wellness to people in Southwest
Washington and the Portland Metro Area

Responding to the lack of available financial resources for our vulnerable neighbors

The Lighthouse Financial Foundation was first created in 2017 under the Lighthouse Financial Network banner to address the lack of financial resources and education for individuals and families in our communities. A group of individuals, businesses, and community leaders came together to create a network of services to combat this gap and help those that needed it most.

Improving Access To Financial Education, Counseling, And Services

The network consisted of three distinct entities: one that provided financial counseling and education, another that provided financial assistance, and an organization to bring the other two together. We focused on offering affordable financial services to those in the community stuck in a never-ending cycle of financial insecurity.
Over the next two years, this network was largely successful and we moved on to helping an even larger population in 2019. At the time, we were working with fewer than 2000 individuals and felt we could help even more people. The arrival of COVID-19 forced us to focus on processes that would protect our clients and staff.

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However, the pandemic wasn’t going away any time soon and our neighbors needed our services even more. The only way to scale our services to meet this growing need was to partner with like-minded organizations. This led to partnerships with Rivermark Community Credit Union, Human Investing, and the Save First FinancialWellness.


And we couldn’t be happier with the decision. Rivermark, Human Investing, and Save First share our vision of helping people build toward a stronger financial future. These organizations have experience with financial services, training, and a proven track record of helping people thrive financially.

Helping Break The Cycle Of Financial Instability

Lighthouse Financial Foundation works with people across the spectrum of financial wellness. From single parents trying to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads to those nearing retirement age without necessary savings in place. We are able to do this through our network of partners as well as generous public and private donations and support.
Our network works directly with small businesses, especially those that are struggling with finance issues. Micro-Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) is located in Portland and Vancouver, and as part of our network, assists with training, technical support, and affordable loans to micro-enterprise business owners.

“I want to express my gratitude for the services you and your organization have provided these last two years. When I first scheduled an appointment with your organization my goal was to improve my credit score, but I had no idea how to accomplish that. You have worked with me by not only educating me on credit reporting, but (you) have actively engaged on phone calls with some of my debt collectors and managed to negotiate significantly lower amounts than what I owed. You and your organization have put me in a good position for me to pursue one of my goals, which is to be a homeowner in the next 2/3 years”

~ Mark, Client

A Single Act of Kindness Can Change Everything

Assist your neighbors to get back on their feet


Vancouver Couple Roll Up The Shirtsleeves For Their Community

Kim and Lisa Capeloto believe in jumping in to help.   Both head up local non-profits, but their work doesn’t fit into a 9-to-5 schedule.  They jump in and volunteer all of the time.  So much so that the mayor of Vancouver nominated them for the First Citizen Award by the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.  KXL…

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Kim and Lisa Capeloto to be honored with the 2023 First Citizen Award

  KIM AND LISA CAPELOTO TO BE HONORED WITH THE 2023 FIRST CITIZEN AWARD Dynamic duo recognized for their transformative impact, civic dedication, and philanthropic prowess.  Vancouver, WA– The Greater Vancouver Chamber (GVC) and PeaceHealth proudly announce Kim and Lisa Capeloto as the distinguished honorees of the 2023 First Citizen Award. This prestigious accolade celebrates the power couple’s extraordinary contributions to the community, remarkable leadership, and commitment…

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Lighthouse Financial Foundation to take over Catholic Charities financial coaching program

Lighthouse Financial Foundation to take over Catholic Charities financial coaching program   VANCOUVER, Wash. – June 20, 2023 – Save First Financial Wellness, founded in 2009 as a social enterprise of Catholic Charities of Oregon, will become a part of Vancouver, Washington-based Lighthouse Financial Foundation effective July 1.   Faced with post-pandemic funding challenges, the…

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